From loving to void

From caring much to “I don’t care”

From being obsessed to being lost

From crying when sad to “I don’t give a fuck”

From stiffling sobs to struggling with temper

From expecting much to not imagining anything

From expressing myself to creating a shell around me

From being confident to being scared

From being sad to being angry

From sharing my feelings to stuffing them inside

From being outspoken to being quiet

From chirping to not knowing what to say

From writing for everyone to writing for me

From being too selfless to being selfish

From seeing everyone else is happy to just confirming my smile

From talking to everyone to talking to myself

From dreaming about future to being scared of it

I changed

Due to circumstances

Due to being hurt a few times

Due to being helpless

Miss my old me to embracing the new me

The twisting journey with unforseen end

Was it for better?

Or for worse?


2 thoughts on “Changed

  1. “Only time will tell”.

    “This too shall pass”.

    “That too, will pass, like ourselves”.

    Don’t we really let hurt hurt ourselves? Isn’t it a choice like happiness is? I speak from the times when I was able to make myself smile while crying on my parents’ separation and not feeling weird/guilty about it.


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