Menstruation Leaves

Well, the burning topic of 2017. Menstruation Leaves aka Giving holidays to women on period.

I know everyone supports it and those you don’t are met with ‘fire and fury’, still, I would pour down my views because “My Blog, My views”.

I do not support Menstruation Leaves. Period (Full stop). Before you could bombard me with angry eyes, I say, I am a woman and I have literally had the worst periods.

I started on this ‘bloody’ journey when I was 11. I had no fuckin clue about it. Well, yes, No clue. I remember crying all day. My mother comforted me. I remember, asking her if I could miss the school next day. After all, periods can be embarrassing for a girl who did not have a clue about how to manage them. But my mother said a “NO”. A plain, bland “NO”. I was sad. She explained “Everyone has them. A leave will scare you for life, thinking that you cannot carry on with life when you have them”.

Well, with blood staining your clothes the ride was not really joyful. I remember having to stand up every half an hour wishing teachers a ‘Good Morning’. I remember my destiny that my 2nd day (when you are drenched in blood) would coincide with the day I had PT. I remember running 2 rounds of a very big ground so many times on my 2nd day. I bled the worst. The worst. But couldn’t even take the medicines, because of hormonal issues.

Now, cramps. Yes, those cramps where you could not stand. I remember having physics labs (where needed to stand for 2 hours straight) , right on the first day. It was painful. But after some time, I knew how to carry on with my work while uterus was killing me. Again, I could not take any painkiller or whatsoever. But, life goes on.

Now, every girl reading this, would relate perfectly. We have tolerated school, PT, attended weddings during Periods (Atleast I have), played Basketball in school in a match even if we were menstruating etc.

When we start a job in the firm, approximately we have gone through periods for 10 years. Simple mathematics: 120 cycles. Now, I know periods are worse every time. We can barely stand. Even I can’t. But we know how to carry on. In fact, we’ve been taught to carry on with our normal day to day life while on periods.

Then why the leave? We can take a personal leave once a month if we can’t even stand up that day. But it is not required every month, right! In fact some people do not even have that kind of pains (I have, so I am speaking about those who have worse kind of pain).

We surely are in a “Feminist era”. Though I have some contrasting views, but that’s for another day. Well, dear Feminist, if men had demanded a leave for their ‘Bodily functions’, I’m sure you would have protested. Nah nah, don’t deny. I know the hypocrisy in this country.

All I want to say is, we’ve been experiencing how to work without leaves while on periods. And, we can surely take a day off, if it is worse. But, we don’t require a ‘Leave’ that day. The cramps and all can drive us crazy, but please, accept the fact that, it ranges every time. Some months they are okay, some months they are worse. Why generalise and create a hype?

Menstruation Leaves

Need- No.

Want- Absolutely Yes.

— Written By

A girl who has had worst periods (with cramps) in the past and present too.


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