Running Rhymes

Bubbly Balloons,

Vivacious Voice,

Playful Pranks,

Sunny smiles.

Active actions,

Passive plight,

Children’s crimes,

Lively life!

Innocent Insights,

Ecstatic eyes,

Lazy lies,

Children’s cries!


4 thoughts on “Running Rhymes

  1. šŸ’›šŸ’›šŸ’›


    1. (Not related to the poem): Read This article changed me in that it instantly taught me that if I wanted to get read more, I need to work actively on brand marketing my own name, non matter how ostentatious it sounds or seems. If you want to be read more, the first thing you could do is make “categories”, so that instead of “uncategorised” at the end of every blog post/essay/poem on your blog, you have proper categories to distinguish what you’ve written for the world which lands on your blog, to see. And also along with categories, inserting proper tags (also, in your wordpress editor) can help you get discovered by others more than now.

    2. Loooovvvely poem. “Active Actions”, “Passive Plight” resonates with me in that, it kind of forces me to reflect on the nature of my own actions and how I cope with plight. “Active” forces me to put in my mind this indelible and needed idea, that actions HAVE to be active. If my actions aren’t active, then I’m sort of lazing around. Same with “Passive” in “Passive plight”, not exactly but still. If a plight could be happily turned passive, win win for me. “Children’s Crimes” is very playfully notorious, I want to be a child again! šŸ˜­. “Innocent Insights”. Hmm… Insights are always revelatory. “Innocent” for me suggests that the revelation was so subtle and not new that I surprised myself with it. I like it.

    Keep writing Arunima! More than that keep reading as well šŸ™‚

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    • Thank you so much Sir. I would work on your suggestions about categories and stuff.
      Yeah, I will start reading much more. Reading requires time which I don’t have nowadays. And writing is instant. Maybe, that s why I read less and write more. I will surely work on that. Thanks for taking out time to read and comment. Means a lot.

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