Against “Crackerless Diwali”

I write about social issues. Issues that are usually the burning topic in the market and discuss it right here.

So, today, I mean, this post is all about another ‘burning’ (oops, pollution, sorry) topic – Crackerless Diwali.

I’ve been holding onto long. Today, I’ll let it all go. Now, obviously you are expecting this blog to be ‘mature’ and ‘environment friendly’ one, but naaahhh, this is just gonna be a rant from a girl who literally waits all year long for the light and show (of crackers).

To start with, how I celebrated diwali? Well, childhood was all about diya, diwali and lights. My joint family included, us, 5 sisters and we loved them. The crackers. Right from Dhanteras to Bhai Dooj, we divided crackers and bursted them. One of us did turn to ‘environmentalist’ last two three years, but hell yeah, we loved to burst them.

The environment issue did creep in, so we started reducing their amount, from 5 days to just 1 day (until last year). We had ladis and flower pot (which we used to put 10 in a line and light them altogether) as well as singing “Happy Diwali” while burning Fooljhadis.
The childhood memories and happiness were all contained and multiplied along with the whistling rockets and burning diyas.

Now? Full stop?

Alright. This issue is legit. Pets are harmed. Old people are harmed. And all in all, environment, our mother nature is polluted to a great extent.

But, a simple question. How many times in a year, exactly, do you think about air pollution?

Well, did you think about the pollution and smoke we are burning due to vehicles? (Naaah. You never even used a public transport. All you cared about was your own vehicle).

Did you think about the crackers you were bursting on New year eve? (Trust me, they are at par with the amount on diwali).

Did you think about air pollution due to smoking? (Naah. Being High is being cool, eh?)

Not to forget, did you think about the noise and air pollution from baarat (indian wedding proceedings)? (The amount at which people are marrying is fast. And they burn crackers to celebrate their shaadi!)

Now, my cute little homo sapien, you never thought of the air pollution all around the year (don’t lie. I know, you didn’t)! Then why are you proudly showcasing ‘hashtag Crackerless Diwali’ all around social media platforms and bashing those who support Crackers?

Well, I know a great deal of air and nature is harmed. And we need to celebrate festivals for celebration and not destruction. But don’t you think banning it all together is a little too over board? We can always put limits (like we’ve put a ban) and to people (proudly flashing ‘hashtag Crackerless diwali’ ) can always ban them at their personal level.

Why do we have to ban crackers on the exact ‘Diwali’ day when we pollute our environment, nevertheless, other 364 days a year?

If we are banning crackers, then why not ban every culture of every religion that harms nature and animals?
I think, we can atleast take that much liberty to follow and enjoy our culture (without any bans) but in *limits*.

Anyway, I know I’m gonna be bashed for writing this. All the views are welcomed in the comment section. Please accept my views and I’ll accept yours.

Happy Diwali. Enjoy it.

Img : Because I love the sparkle and lights!


11 thoughts on “Against “Crackerless Diwali”

Add yours

  1. Talking about religious sentiments… I’m far leftish in these matters… I won’t say anything because you can be get hurt emotionally. I only follow them because my ma follows and I follow my ma.
    And festival saga… Because these sagas are the worst cases. Again religious sentiments. Duh..
    So arguments never end. Let’s celebrate this “auspicious” day in own styles.


  2. First of all… you are a very good writer. I love the way you articulate things. And I liked all your posts. But this one… Uh-oh
    I am not saying as an “Environmentalist” or something. But I am also just letting go my thoughts.
    See, cracker less Diwali is not a bad idea. I know and I agree there is much pollution is going on, say on wedding ceremonies, New Year eves, parties etc. But Diwali… Did you ever smell the-morning-after-Diwali air? Literally mind-fucking. Sorry for the language but yeah it is true. I sometimes hate Diwali for these cracker reasons.
    Let’s come to main points why I hate crackers
    1. You have been burning crackers since your childhood. But crackers are not same now. Chinese crackers are in the market. And you know they are much harmful due to vicious chemicals.
    2. I agree that cracker pollution is going on due to parties in that 364 days. But that is tolerable because very less probability of occurring many parties in a certain area at a certain time. But think whole India will be burning crackers during these 5 days. So much pollution in 5 days. I mean seriously.
    3. And that noise… Oh my God. I just HATE them. I have to cover my head and ears with pillow to fall asleep.
    4. And last… Why Ban? Good question. But it kind-of necessary. I know “Rome was not built in a day”. But someone had to do foundation on that FIRST DAY.
    I think you will understand my thoughts. But at the end if something matters, then it is your feelings and happiness. If you think you will be happy after burning them… Then go ahead. “Burn Them All” ; ).
    And yeah!! Happy Diwali…

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    1. First of all, thank you so much for taking out time to read the article and comment. Really appreciate.
      Yeah, I know 5 days , whole country pollution is a big deal and that’s why I was talking about *limits*. Why not limit the crackers for a day? Like, just the diwali day? Banning, I feel is too much. More over new year eve and all, approx 180 countries have fire crackers show that day. That amounts to a lot.
      About the Chinese cracker part,…Yeah..All of this needs to be taken care of. (Limits, as I said) and again, banning..Too much I feel. You hate the noise. Everyone does. We hate how animals are harmed in a ritual in a particular religion. But we tolerate, because of sentiments attached to it. Again, why can’t we just tolerate crackers for a day? All the crackers are atleast better than the honking, we metro city people need to hear day in and day out for 365 days. Rome wasn’t built in a day. True. We need to be env friendly. True. But why do we start this right from the festival saga! Start this on other aspects of life (like vehicles and all) and slowly cover the areas where sentiments (like festivals) is related. I would happily give up crackers then. The point of writing this was to highlight the hypocrisy we Indians have.
      Again, thank you for taking out time to read and comment.
      Means a lot 💙


  3. Dear..  Cool homo sapien… 
    Well u mentioned again and again..  A thing.. 
    Do you bother abt our environment for rest of 364 days.. 
    Well..  I do.. 
    I do think abt it..  For rest of d days too. 
    Since last 8 years m avoiding firing crackers not only on diwali..  Bt on new years and other occasions..
    This ban came into news..  I was happy abt it.. 
    Like wow..  Some good thing has started.  Bt wait what?  Ppl are not supporting it? 
    Why? They want to burn crackers… Blah blah blah…  Indian festival..  blah blah blah.. Y only hindu?  Do banning on Christmas and eid.. Blah blah blah.. 
    This is what we humans do..  Blaming others.. 
    Y can’t “WE” start to be better hun? 
    And yes..  I dont use public transport.. I do think abt it..  Bt..  I have insecurities.. I dont like being in crowd..  N yes..  I do fear them as well.. 
    Bt..  When on road..  I switch off my vehicle onn traffic lights..  I try to take shortest possible route.. 
    I try avoiding its use..  For short distances..  Where i can simply walk.. 
    I DO THAT…  
    It doesn’t mean..  The way u see world everybody sees it.. 
    N yes i am shocked.. In this picture..  U look quite cute..  N educated..  And u dont think abt our environment for a single day.. (cause u mention u dont think abt it in rest of the 364 days..  And u want to burn crackers on 365th day also..  Bcz..  Fuck env..  I dnt think abt u for rest of the days of the year..  N so will not now…)
    Also yeah.. 
    Why on diwali? 
    Diwali starts a new season… Winter season. 
    I dnt knw..  How u do not know about temperature inversion.. 
    Please read abt it.. 
    And this is the main cause..  Y to ban crackers on diwali.. In delhi.. 
    First..  Delhi has a huge population.
    They tried using odd and even.. 
    Bt..  They cannot ban vehicles there.. Bcz..  Vehicle is not a source of recreation like crackers..  Today its use cannot be avoided.. 
    Do read abt what happened last year in delhi.. 
    Also it was said..  Respiring in delhi is like inhaling 30 fucking cigarettes… 
    Do u even knw the meaning of this? 
    Are you imagining what is going on.. On our earth..  N where we are heading to.? 
    Now think about..  Old ppls.. Which already have health and mental issues..  Now think about..  Small kids.. 
    They cant even go out and play..  (bcz of ur recreational activity to enjoy crackers which harm environment.. Their recreational activity to play out with friends..  Which doesnot harm environment..  is stopped)
    Wht happened in delhi should be avoided..  N others cities should also learn From delhi’s past.
    Now another thing..  There are various international treaties and protocols and organization of which India is also a part.. 
    There is one such thing called..  Carbon credits.. 
    Which talks abt carbon neutrality of a country..  Do read abt it too… If a country is carbon neutral.. They are provided with funds..  Which hence are used for country’s development only.. 
    And its a shame.  That world wide CO2 emmision has decreased to abt some point percentage… Except for india..  And now I can think of why..)
    People throughout the world are doing so much .  And we are debating over crackers…  Like seriously? 
    Why wasting time on a topic which is so selfish..  That it talks about self happiness  and shows middle finger to old people..  Kids..  Pregnant women..  HOMO SAPIEN..  environment..  Birds..  Plants..  Trees…
    At last.  (yeah..  Its over now..  )
    I just want to suggest.. Please think about our nature and environment tooo.. If not for rest of 364 days..  At least for a single day.. 


    1. Well. I am sorry Maam to hurt your views. First, yeah, I am educated. And not cool..You can look at my wordpress posts and get to know the person I am.
      Next, I love my nature. And I am not the one to mercilessly harm it.
      I really appreciate what you do. And if a person like you (who takes care of earth, the whole year round) would tell me to ban crackers, I would..I surely would. This article was to highlight the hypocrisy.
      The hypocrisy that people who shamelessly litter around will bash people who burn little crackers.
      Come on?
      And regarding the fact, I do not care or any such stuff.
      Well, I do care. And I am just asking for a little liberty to burn crackers.
      Neither I am promoting anyone to burst them
      Nor I am the one stopping people to care for nature.
      This is just for the hypocrites flashing ‘#crackerlessdiwali’ and then littering around all year.
      Have a nice day.


      1. Dear arunima.. M really sorry.. I didn’t wnted a highlight on “educated” word which was only mentioned once..
        I just said.. When we are more educated than less fortunate people.. Our responsibility doubles toward environment..
        People are littering.. The whole year.. Fine..
        And then asking people to not use cracker..
        Okay.. Those people should not do this.. They should not ask other ppl to stop pollution..
        Now what?

        Case solved? Problems gone?

        I mentioned that i do take care of environment for rest of the year..
        I also dont litter around.. N so.. If i ask u.. You will not burn crackers this year right?
        (i would be very happy and proud if you’ll not burn crackers)

        U know the thing is very simple..
        Every bit counts..

        Fine have crackers on diwali..
        It will only contribute to pollution..
        For a single person it wd be less.. But imagine.. The population of our country..
        Now imagine the amnt of gasses and pollutants released..
        Here we can talk about Participation of mass..
        N mass.. Is about.. All the INDIVIDUALS participating..

        Now dont mix it up.. With what OTHERS ARE DOING…
        It should always be.. WHAT CAN I DO?

        AC.. cars.. Vehicles.. They are part of necessities now.. Crackers are part of recreation.. They are not really necessary.. To celeberate a festival..
        Moreover.. We have made a trend to have crackers on diwali.. It is not mentioned in Ramayana..

        If u still want to burn crackers.. 🙂 Enjoy dat.. Then do plant trees.. Do take care of nature for rest of 364 days..

        N please.. Have no grudges 🙂
        M sorry once again..
        Happy Diwali

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  4. Rajita mam, phew, hello.
    I’m not here to argue on the ban on crackers or whatever. Arunima wanted to burn crackers on Diwali and you didn’t, a one way path.
    But how dare you bring in education in between all these ? You talk about carbon emission and air pollution level and the air is like inhaling 30 odd cigarettes at a time, I have seen states banning Alcohol, why not Cigarettes then ? If diwali night can cause such havoc, do you wonder what cigarettes cause or is causing ? And what about the agricultural wastes ? Burning of these wastes everyday causes pollution equal to 20 Diwalis. Why don’t you speak against it with everyone rather than declaring someone else uneducated just because they want to burn few crackers ?
    No again, not deviating from the topics. It’s okay, you judge people, everybody judges but calling someone uneducated just because they don’t want a crackerless diwali is way too much. This is hypocrisy at its utmost height. She studies in prestigious National Institute of technology and I’m pretty sure she knows about carbon emission and pollution or she would not have made it.
    Okay now, let’s talk about the ban on crackers now. I don’t care if you have not been burning crackers for about 8 years now — least I trust you. She talked about the hypocrisy here, 186 countries burn crackers on 31st and you sit against your TV enjoying and clapping because they are not Indians and they cannot possibly do any wrong. It’s true we have couple of cities in top 10 most air polluted cities of the world but blaming solely our society doesn’t do much good.
    The judgement of Supreme Court came just a week before Diwali, Do you have any idea how much loss it could cause to our manufacturing industries ? Our manufacturing industries is in a deep pit since the reforms and the recent times has only made it worse. If they had to ban crackers, they should have come with the judgment way earlier which shows even they weren’t sure of the decision. Sellers are in loss who have a seasonal business, their diwali is destroyed.
    And who are we kidding, do you think this judgment will stop people from burning crackers? C’mmon live the reality, it ain’t gonna do a thing.
    They should have come with a better alternative, like banning individual burning and that communities should come together for crackers fire and that would have reduced pollution efficiently. They could have done it rather than the complete ban. The industries wouldn’t go in loss then, sellers would have benefited and the pollution would have been controlled.
    Sure India has been the member of many climatic control organisations of the world like Paris Agreement, but how often do these work ? Don’t you know ?
    Yes, I’m against pollution, we don’t do it intentionally, we too turn off the vehicles when stuck in traffic, we too don’t dump our wastes here and there and we too plant trees in our environment. We are educated awared students and we know a great deal about everything. Stop the prejudice that today’s generation doesn’t know a thing, prejudice is worse than judgment.


    1. Hello ayush..
      Arunima wanted to burn crackers on Diwali and you didn’t, a one way path.

      Well.. If not only she.. Bt all d people who will burn crackers.. Will contribute to pollution..
      This is d reason.. Debate is going on..

      I have said.. She looks educated… N its good she is from a good prestigious clg..
      Bt.. If we being educated are concerned about crackers.. Knowing they will only harm our surroundings.. I mean what is d use?

      Everybody everywhere.. Is just blaming one another..
      Do u or me go to burn waste in fields?
      Do u or me go to buy cigarettes and use them.. (well i definitely dont smoke.. )
      So i will not answer this question with respect to what others are doing..


      Ofcourse u’ll be doing things… Like Changing govt policies.. Taking out rally against.. Industies which are causing pollution…
      Just kidding..

      Wht u will be doing is.. Not throwing waste on roads bt in dustbin..
      Now do u want to shout about it? That why should i throw garbage in dustbin when govt is not discarding the waste properly and burning it..
      N if your friend will say.. Dude.. Throw garbage in dustbin.. Then wd u be like? O plz i dnt need any advise from a person who.. dont use cloth bag instead of plastic bag..

      “Okay now, let’s talk about the ban on crackers now. I don’t care if you have not been burning crackers for about 8 years now — least I trust you” well this shows your love for crackers..

      TRUST ME… I haven’t 😉

      Um.. U dnt care.. About that.. Then its okay..
      But really i do.. Every year.. I do feel.. I did a tiny little conribution..

      “186 countries burn crackers on 31st and you sit against your TV enjoying and clapping because they are not Indians and they cannot possibly do any wrong.”

      I will not talk about a whole mass here.. Bcz u r addressing me..
      So no.. I dont think.. In this way.. But.. I would be very happy.. If some new york magzine will have an article saying.. “Non-cracker festival celeberation.. A thing to learn from indians”
      “It’s true we have couple of cities in top 10 most air polluted cities of the world but blaming solely our society doesn’t do much good.”
      Well.. Society only makes up a city.. So we have to address it.. We are only blaming govt. Everytime.. That is also wrong na…

      Yes ofcrse there will be economic loss.. N there has been losses faced by indian business ppls associated with chinese lights and chinese materials also..

      Whenever a step is taken.. Some groups are always affected..

      N Dude u knw our system.. It is very slow.. Judgement do take time to be out..

      “They should have come with a better alternative, like banning individual burning and that communities should come together for crackers fire and that would have reduced pollution efficiently. They could have done it rather than the complete ban”

      Yes this is also a great idea.. Bt.. It will tooo cause pollution.. Yes.. Not upto dat extent.. Bt.. It will..
      Also more police and authority ppl wd be required for proper implementation..
      So whatever the case is.. If there is a change.. Some one is affected..

      N if this ban cant do anything.. Throwing a toffee wrapper in dustbin bin also cant do anything..

      How often those organizations work.. Hmmm….. Lets frame it in a different way…
      because of each and every single human living in this plant..
      “We are educated awared students and we know a great deal about everything. ”
      That is great..
      And all d best for your future.. Hope you all be successful in your fields..
      “Stop the prejudice that today’s generation doesn’t know a thing, prejudice is worse than judgment.”
      😂 me tumhari generation ki hi hu.. M not dat old..
      Hm ek hi generation k h..
      Didn’t knw i was sounding dat old..

      I am sorry for sounding rude..
      N ya btw..
      You do have some writing skills..

      Do have A great Diwali

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